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http://solent-art.co.uk/paintings/highcliffe-castle/ Promote cooperation in implementing COP26 commitments

On February 23, Minister of Industry and Trade, Chairman of the Vietnam – United States Trade and Investment Council (TIFA) Nguyen Hong Dien had a meeting with the US President’s Special Envoy regarding climate change – John F. Kerry to discuss cooperation in implementing the commitments of the COP26 Conference and issues of mutual concern.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien emphasized: Carbon neutrality is a trend, an inevitable path of sustainable development that COP26 has determined to realize this goal in 2050. Such goal requires great efforts of all countries, especially for developing countries like Vietnam. In order to be able to fulfill the commitments, besides the efforts of Vietnam, supports from the international community, especially developed countries like the United States play a crucial role.

Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien: “Vietnam is making efforts to implement its commitments at COP26.”

For his part, Special Envoy John F. Kerry highly appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in implementing a large volume of work such as the formulation of Power Plan VIII, as well as the preparation of proposals for Vietnamese leaders to make commitments at the COP26 Conference; at the same time, he highly appreciated the results of substantive and effective policy dialogue through the mechanism of the TIFA Council in the past time.

Expressing his desire to support Vietnam to fulfill its commitments at COP 26, Mr. John F. Kerry assessed that Vietnam has a lot of potential to generate clean energy, renewable energy, and environment-friendly energy. With the experience in strategy-building to connect and utilize financial, technological, and human resources, the United States can support Vietnam in energy transition and climate change response. At the same time, the two countries can enhance cooperation in preparation for the COP 27 Conference.

US Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John F. Kerry

At the meeting, Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien expressed deep concern about the fact that the US Department of Commerce (DOC) is implementing unreasonable trade remedy measures against Vietnam’s bee industry with a high tax level, which is expected to be up to 412%.

“This not only has a long-term impact on up to 35,000 bee farmers, most of who are farmers, living in rural, mountainous areas and difficult economic areas, but also negatively impacts the goal of balancing ecosystem, access to clean water upstream and clean energy for the people, and at the same time affect the development of planted forest area in Vietnam, thereby affecting the goal of fighting climate change that the two countries have agreed on” said Minister Nguyen Hong Dien.

The US Presidential Special Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry have had necessary discussions with the US Department of Commerce to conduct trade remedy investigations in a fair and transparent manner. carefully consider all issues and potential impacts. Thus, Vietnam and US have agreed on the most reasonable conclusions for the investigations, so that the two sides can resolve the issues without imposing taxes on Vietnam’s bee industry.

Mr. John Kerry said he would discuss this issue and convey the suggestion of Minister Nguyen Hong Dien to the US Secretary of Commerce.

At the end of the working session, Minister Nguyen Hong Dien wished that the United States would continue to support and support Vietnam’s energy transition and climate change fight to achieve the best results, while ensuring the benefits of Vietnam and the US remain harmonious and sustainable.

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Translated by: Pham Hoang Hung