28 March, 2022 2:58 pm

Speaking at the event “Marks of TECHFEST and WHISE 2021”, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh suggested that there should be a stronger and more effective innovation movement in businesses, communities, and industries, especially in the medical field.

On the afternoon of December 14, the program “Mark of TECHFEST and WHISE 2021” took place, being the focal event in the series of activities of the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival TECHFEST 2021 and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in Ho Chi Minh City (WHISE 2021). These events were coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many organizations from September 2021 to December 2021.

The event was live – streamed with many domestic and international bridge points. The Hanoi bridge witnessed the appearance of Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat, Chairman of the National Assembly’s Science, Technology and Environment Committee Le Quang Huy, Chairman of the Culture and Education Committee of the National Assembly Nguyen Dac Vinh, Minister of Education Nguyen Kim Son, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan, Ms. Caitlin Wiesen- Chief Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Organization (UNDP) ) in Vietnam, Mr. Nadav Eshcar, Ambassador of Israel… and leaders of research institutes, universities, businesses and, scientists.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed his impression of the positive results of innovation activities in 2021

buy neurontin gabapentin Developing an open creative startup ecosystem

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, from September to December 2021, TECHFEST 2021 held 120 events in both live and online formats, connecting innovative startups, support units, experts, and domestic and international investors in 16 innovative technology fields/aspects. The series of events has attracted about 2,500,000 attendees, with more than 500 domestic and international speakers.

In 2021, Vietnam ranked 44th on the global innovation index. Vietnam’s startup ecosystem ranks 59th out of 100 countries. Ho Chi Minh City’s ecosystem increased 46 places, ranked 179th, while Hanoi rose 5 places to 191st in the international ecosystem ranking for cities. Vietnam is ranked 3rd by international organizations in the group of 3 most dynamic and innovative startup ecosystems in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia and Singapore.

Vietnam currently has about 3,000 innovative start-ups. In which, there are 3 enterprises valued at over 1 billion USD (VNG, VNPAY, and MOMO) and 11 enterprises valued at over 100 million USD. 2022 has been a successful year for startups in the fields of Fintech, E-commerce, food and beverage, games, and block chain.

Minister of Science and Technology, Huynh Thanh Dat emphasized that in this new normal situation: initiatives, solutions, and projects of innovation and innovation must show the pioneering role in solving socio-economic problems on the foundation of promoting the autonomy, creativity, and innovation of the Vietnamese nation, which has also made many proud marks. In 2021, despite the complicated aftermath of the epidemic, the financial source for investment in innovative startups in Vietnam still increased at a historical high. More than $1.3 billion has been recorded in investments in innovative enterprises in Vietnam (historical high). In the ecosystem, the participation of different individuals has witnessed a significant growth in numbers. Indeed, there are currently more than 1,000 organizations capable of supporting start-ups, among which there are 202 co-working spaces; 217 investment funds/investors; 79 incubators; and 40 organizations that support innovative businesses.

Additionally, the participation of universities in the innovative startup movement is significant, Vietnam has over 140 universities and colleges organizing creative activities. Large enterprises and corporations also participate in start-up support activities, playing the roles of financial investors for start-up businesses, consultants that help start-up businesses expand markets while sharing experience and advice. Some of the big-name professional consultants in the industry are Vingroup, Nexttech, FPT, CMC, etc.

Minister Huynh Thanh Dat said that one of the highlights of Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is that we have gradually formed interconnected networks, promoting the flow of knowledge and technology. We have established a network to support and develop Vietnam’s innovative startup ecosystem and a network of Overseas Intellectuals Associations to help support innovation and technology commercialization. These are important prerequisites to expanding the national agroforestry ecosystem and connecting it more deeply and effectively with other eco-systems in the region and the world.

Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat speaks at the opening ceremony of Techfest 2021

where to buy antabuse in canada A stronger innovation movement is needed.

Within the framework of the national Techfest 2021, for the first time, the message of promoting innovation was given by the Ministry of Science and Technology, along with the participation of many stakeholders in the ecosystem. The Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has given a recommendation on promoting innovation in all aspects, from socio-economic, national security to sustainable development.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh stated that the guidelines, policies, and laws of the Party and State are basically sufficient to promote start-ups and innovation, nonetheless, the organizing plan needs to be effective in the coming months. The Resolution of the XIII National Congress stated: “Focus on developing science and technology to create breakthroughs in productivity, quality, efficiency, and product competitiveness.” “Rapid and sustainable development must be based mainly on science and technology, innovation, and digital transformation.”

Sharing with delegates some thoughts and concerns about innovation, the Prime Minister expressed his impression of the positive results of innovation activities in 2021, with many difficulties, affirming the efforts and rise of innovative and creative startups. The Prime Minister stated that the results achieved are due to the adherence to the Party’s guidelines and guidelines, which are concretized by the state’s policies and laws; the efforts of innovation subjects with domestic and international coordination and linkage.

However, this result is still commensurate with the country’s potential, and a stronger and more extensive innovation movement is needed. The second issue shared by the Prime Minister is the important role of innovation in the process of advocacy and development. The Prime Minister stated that innovation is an objective requirement of development for any country, in any field, at any stage. Without innovation, there is no development.

Regarding the basic goals of innovation, the Prime Minister emphasized that innovation must effectively serve the goals set by the 13th Party Congress and Party congresses at all levels; contribute to the well-being and happiness of all people; contribute to protecting the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and peaceful life of the people; and contribute to affirming that Vietnam is a responsible member of the international community. “Innovation must serve the people, strengthen the country, all people are well-off and happy, and the country is peaceful, contributing to peace, stability, cooperation, and development in the world,” Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said.

In terms of views, the approach to innovation has a spillover effect, multiplies value, and brings practical values. The Prime Minister said that innovation is the shared cause of the whole country, so there must be a way to boost the innovation movement among the people. Innovation must be implemented synchronously, comprehensively, seamlessly, comprehensively, covering all levels, branches, localities, units, and enterprises; innovation must become a movement, inspiring and attracting the participation of everyone, regardless of age, region, gender… Innovation must have a connection between different sectors. Individuals with collective, national and global, harmonize individual interests, national and national interests, and the common interests of mankind.

Focus on key tasks

In the context of limited resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister said that the implementation of tasks in the coming time should have a clear focus. Firstly, it is necessary to effectively prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic to pave the way for socio-economic recovery and development. This epidemic prevention and control is unprecedented, so it requires more innovation and creativity to suit the specific conditions of Vietnam, ensuring science based projects and efficiency, especially in the implementation of the 3 pillars of epidemic prevention and control, namely: isolation, testing, and treatment, and the motto “5K, vaccines, drugs, technology, raising people’s awareness and other measures”. The central government and ministries, as well as local authorities, are constantly reviewing, supplementing, and perfecting measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

The second task is to restore and reboot the economy society. In this process, every organ, official, and individual in every industry, profession, and at all levels must try to help to find the right solution in their fields and tasks.

The third task is to accelerate economic restructuring, shifting from broad-based development to in-depth development, from mainly relying on available resources and cheap labor to promoting high skills, high quality labors and intelligent processes, utilizing the opportunities and distinct potential and competitive advantages of the country, industries.

Fourth, innovation must aim to contribute to solving emerging problems such as climate change (in the context of extreme, complex, severe, irregular natural disasters) ; natural resources being depleted while human intelligence and creativity are limitless; population aging (to harmoniously solve immediate and long-term problems, meeting the needs of the present but without affecting future generations); ecofriendly development, clean energy; digital conversion

Last but not least, the Prime Minister noted, focusing on promoting innovation in the fields of health, education, and agriculture to improve healthcare capacity in the context of the pandemic; to develop human resources that can meet the requirements of working in an international environment; and to encourage farmers to participate in innovation, improving overall efficiency and quality of life. “You have to be dedicated, responsible, passionate.” the Prime Minister said.

Regarding solutions to be implemented in the near future, the Prime Minister stated, attention must be paid to real life practices as well as accumulating and building data systems. Vietnam’s field database is still inadequate, making it difficult for planning and preparation based on the database. He said that innovation planning must be based on good data to be close to reality and the problems that life poses.

Additionally, the focus on raising people’s intellectual level, training human resources, and fostering talents is crucial to maximizing Vietnamese human resources, the nation’s most valuable asset, and a decisive factor in the development process.

Finally, realistic data and the overall situation must be carefully considered and have to be utilized as a measure to timely detect practical problems, supplement and perfect the institution of mechanisms and policies, and “solve the problem for everyone to participate in innovation.” There must be an effective mechanism to mobilize resources, promote public-private partnerships, effectively use of state resources, and activate all resources in society. Other viable solutions are to form a scientific market and an innovation market to connect supply and demand, ensuring healthy competition; appropriate investment for start-ups; and; strengthen international cooperation to participate in global supply chains and value chains on the basis of mutual benefits.

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Translated by: Pham Hoang Hung